Mountain State University


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Can anyone give me any info in this college? I plan on doing the 100% online courses. Just wanted some basic info if anyone has anything.
I looked into it a while ago because my local FBO offered it. It is fairly new so nobody knew about it and I chose not to enroll. Maybe somebody has gone through it by now?
heard of it through the flight school i work at. I haven't looked into it because i already have a B.S. but 1st thing i would want to know is if its accredited.
It is regionally accredited and the courses they offer give you 4 months to complete 4 classes. My main intrigue with the school is that I would be able to get 44 credits for all my ratings, which is REALLY nice. W
ould like to hear from someone who's attended and see what they think about the class, courses, online setting.
Also looking to get some input from someone that has gone through/started this degree..

Has anyone tried to transfer your ratings and/or previous college credit? And if so, how did it work?