Mother Nature


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Anyone else having trouble training because of this ridiculously harsh winter in the east.

I'm working on my PPL, schedule myself for 3 days a week worth of training (the logic being if I stay current enough I will master the skills more easily and finish my training sooner than later), but the winter here has been awful.

snow showers cancel one or two lessons each week, or the wind is horrendous. The only good days come when my flight instructor is off!
The only thing I have left to do is 2.2 hours of instrument time with my instructor. And that is so hard to schedule. I talked to him today and told him that I'd like to go up in actual instrument conditions, but he said that while he'd love to do that, he's worried about icing!

Oh, well, we'll get up there and get it done!
I feel you man more than anyone. I started on Jan 9 working for my Private here in Florida and I am behind everyone else in my class because i keep getting screwed by weather. Usually wind and low ceiling. My flight was cancelled just today because the ceiling was like at 500ft so no one was flying. Is really a pain, but I guess it will get better with time.
I'm doing my MEI training, and we haven't been able to fly in the past two weeks due to harsh temperatures. Plus, my instructor and I both have gotten sick, so that hasn't helped (sinuses). Our Ops Manuals say no engine failures below 20 degrees F, and at 8:00 AM it hasn't been above that any day we've tried to fly!
I understand Windchill...If it's not a low cieling with snow/icing, it's the 30kt winds that follow every Low that passes. It's a pretty good cycle, you can bet on 2-3 nice days followed by 2 days of clouds/snow/rain when the cold front passes and then 2 days of harsh northwesterly winds after the low is northeast of you.
Winter sucks.
now that there's actually some weather here, I'm in ground school (instrument). I see the "crappy" weather and I'm mad because I can't be in it! Perfect actual IMC training days. I'll trade that anyday for the freezing cold though. Sorry guys. If it makes you feel any better (and it won't) I'll be cooking down here in a few months. Gotta hurry up and get my CFI so I can get out of here for the summer!

I feel your pain, this isn't what we all had in mind when we packed up to fly in sunny Florida. I'm in a timebuilding phase for commercial, and still will not fly in the MVFR conditions we've seen recently. What gets me is my colleagues who do fly and then come back with these stories of a scud run back home....we can all read the TAFs, and don't understand why someone would fly in conditions they know might get ugly. If we had an instrument rating I could understand, but we don't. I gave up, drove north and spent the weekend exploring the clubs of Orlando. Still recovering:)
Ed, how can you compain about the weather today it was perfect. Oh yeah, you were under the hood>