Most fun training maneuver


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Ok, I just posted about how I did my 8's on pylons. I hear lots of people say the training maneuvers are boring, so I figured I see what everyone favorite TRAINING maneuver is. Now I guess if you're lucky enough to fly some cool thing in the military that'll count too. I'm sure doing something inverted for learning is more fun the doings S-turns over a road...
I used to HATE doing 8's on pylons, but now they are my favorite. Once you understand pivotal altitude and stuff like that, it's fun

I like doing pattern work. When I transitioned to the RJ we took an empty airplane to Yuma, AZ and did some approaches followed by a bunch of touch-and-gos. I think that was one of the most fun I had in a long time.

Last summer I took my father-in-law's SuperCub and did a bunch of touch and go's in Alaska. Fun, fun, fun! This one here on this runway.
Loops are pretty fun, but then again so are aileron rolls, vertical stalls, and wingovers.

Spins are probably the best bang for the buck for sheer terror and fun combined. I like doing a few turns before recovering (not in an inadvertent spin mind you). It gives me a little time to relax and enjoy the world revolving around me.

>>I like doing pattern work.<<

I hear yeah brother! The pattern is gerat fun!! Ed says I do it too much however I think it is the best!
At this point - I'm going to say shooting approaches - in actual - (once I FINALLY got the hang of it).
For me, it's got to be work in the circuit. Whenever I fly solo, I use the opportunity to see what life is like beyond the Airfield, fly back for a rejoin and then for my favourite part: the landing. Awesome!
When I first posted this I hadn't thought of landing as "training" but more of a requirement. But yeah, when you have many times more landing in the logbook then flights made, landing is training.

A good soft landing on the point is always good. A bounced landing is good.....for laughter
Gonna have to go with r2f...

Getting there... $50
Shooting the approach in actual... $20
Landing... $6
The grin on my face after all that (and realzing I get to do it all over again on the way back)... priceless

I'd have to say a long ifr x/c trip.....climb through the solid overcast layer, and it gets nice and sunny, fly for about 4 hours then shoot the approach down to minimums, and at 200 feet the runway lights are right in front of you....its like magic...
Well today ice collected on everything, the tires, fuel vent, pitot tube, struts, wings, windshield etc. This lesson wasn't very fun. I'm early in my training but love slipping the sh*t out of her with full rudder deflection on final.
Had to be air taxiing a floatplane down tiny little rivers. Nabbed a commercial sea rating this winter. Not much compares to flying a foot above water with trees rushing by both sides as you bank the plane through every twist and bend in the river. Yes, this is legal and safe and often necessary for landing.
I would have to say soft field takeoffs. I would always try and see how low I could keep the plane off the ground and for how long. It gets real tough to hold it down there as your speed builds!
I always liked soft field landings. I'd see if I could do a complete touch and go in a C150 without ever letting the nose wheel touch the ground.

Later on, lazy 8s and chandelles became fun as well as challenging, once I got the hang of them.

I also liked anything close to the ground. Turns around a point, 8s on pylons, or simulated engine outs.