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You're probably tired of all my questions, Doctor, but I've got a few more from this damned ear infection. I wasn't responding to the other antibiotic, so my doctor put me on some new stuff. What are the guidelines on flying with the following:

Avelox 400mg
Prednisone 10mg tablets
Neomycin/Polymyxin B Sulfates & hydrocortisone ear drops

Thanks again for the help. I couldn't get in touch with the union's contracted aeromedical today.

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The issue is the ear infection and not the antibiotic itself. You had said in an earlier post there was still pain. Altitude changes could affect that and be incapacitating if the pain became significantly worse.


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the best thing i can recommend you is the earodc- it is non invasive medical devise that treats the problem rather than the symptom.:yeahthat:
you can read about it on

My Flight Surgeon

Sr. Aviation Medical Examiner
The eardoc may work but I have seen no randomized clinical trials to support the use.Be wary of potential self-promotion.