More good news for the ol' 500


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The Eclipse 500 has suffered a number of maingear tire blowouts on landing, a malady the company has attributed largely to pilots coming in too hot on landing (though Eclipse is also working on a more durable tire). Additionally, many have criticized Eclipse's decision not to equip the EA500 with anti-skid braking, particularly after the aircraft's original target weights were increased with the installation of heavier engines and wingtip-mounted tip tanks.

Interesting read on the accident. It seems that Eclipse can only blame the pilots so much before reality catches up with them. Of course, for a company that uses potentiometers (and cheap ones at that) on their power levers, can't put on anti-skid for their cheapo tires, didn't know you can't have isolated components in the engines because it will cause noise on the radio, and even after the AD is complied with the pitot tubes freezes up... i'm sorry, i completely forgot where I was going with this.

I'm sure those tip tanks and fuel caps are gonna be just fine, I mean they ARE fixing them right????


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I have a new name for the company. Ecl'oops. Its a shame so many customers dumped their money into a pathetic attempt at building an airplane. But then again, what did they expect when they took delivery of a half way completed and mostly dysfunctional aircraft.


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Don't forget that fact that the engines can flame out on the ground if you get a 20 kt tailwind...

What a WONDERFUL aircraft.