More Air National Guard questions (sorry!)


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So I've decided to start shooting out applications to Air National Guard units, and I've got a few questions I can't find searching here.

1) For those of you that went straight into the Air Guard, how did you take the AFOQT? I've talked to two Air Force recruiters who said that they wouldn't let me take it unless I was interested in an AF position. Is this standard, or are they just stonewalling me? ANG recruiters I've talked to tell me I've got to take it at a local AF recruiting office...

2) Did any of you apply for UPT slots at more than one unit? Is that frowned upon?

Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately, I was not selected to the guard unit that I applied to back a few years ago. I lost out to a guy that was already enlisted in the unit. They try to promote guys from within. The guard is all about networking.

Were you talking to regular AF recruiters or to a recruiter for the specific unit that you are interested in? From my experience, most units have their own recruiters, I would start with them.

There is a site that has been put together for folks trying to go to OTS. You may find some better information there. Do a web search for Air Force OTS. Good luck.
Hey Sacpilot, I'm in the AF Reserves at Travis AFB. If you have any questions about the reserves let me know
don't listen to the recruiters. most of them that i've dealt with are a bunch of jerks. If you have an AFROTC unit in your area, you can probably take the AFOQT there. I took mine at UNT in Denton, TX just the other day. Call up to your local ROTC unit and ask them when they will be administering the next test and how to sign up. It usually does not involve anything more than putting your name down on a sheet of paper.
I contacted a local ANG unit here in Pgh regarding pilot slots and applications recently... one question though if you guys don't mind me asking is currently they only have openings for Navigators in the 758th.

I've read alot on a Navigator's role but just wanted to get more insight into what they really do. I really do want to fly and don't mind taking on another role if still involved in aviation simply because I look forward to the challenge... but I would someday like to get up to the front seat. I am also considering OCS for the C.G. then trying for a flight slot.

Thanks for any insight in advance !!

Have a great thanksgiving all..

Pgh, PA

Make sure you're talking to the right people. Try and speak with a pilot or at least someone in the operations side of the house. I say this because it's usually a 50/50 shot as to whether or not the recruiters know exactly what the units needs are.

Personally, I know the 911th WG has picked up a lot of applicants for pilots. That said, they may have filled all the officer vacancies, but it's worth a shot to give them a call again.

Another thing you may want to consider is the type of people involved with the 911th. I have spoken with a few of the recent selects including one that's in UPT now. Each person I've talked to has been extremely helpful and courteous.

Don't give up your pursuit of a pilot spot.

Good luck
Heya Patrick - I'm stationed at the 911th (presently enlisted) and I can comment on the hiring.... Right now they are *not* hiring for pilots (we currently have about 11!! new guys in the pipeline for training), but are really hurting for navigators. We fly aeromedical evacuation missions, as well as cargo/troop drops. Our navs do the flight planning before each mission and en route, as well as take charge during drops (ensuring those pallets land where they're supposed to). Our flying squadron has great morale, usual politics aside, and they work hard and play hard. One nice thing to think about with a nav position is that we also have some full-time (civilian) jobs available, since they are so short handed.

P.S. Hi Mike!