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Monterey VIP Club

Got an email from them with an application form asking if I was interested in working with them as an independent contractor. I'm no longer an active CFI, but if you are a freelancer looking for a few students, and don't mind working with foreign students, they might be worth investigating.

They seem to be a service that handles the TSA paperwork and then matches non-career students from mainland China who just want to fly for fun with flying schools in the USA.

I haven't dealt with this particular entity, but I did have a few non-career mainland Chinese students during my CFI career, and I can answer questions about what that was like if anyone is curious.

Don Guy

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I joined the forum in order to keep up with this Monterey VIP Club. I got, what apparently, the rest of you have gotten. I checked with the Better Business Bureau in San Jose; nothing. Also, contacted one of the listed Flight Training Schools they had listed; they knew nothing about Monterey Club. Then I replied to Monterey. This same Ms. Lynn replied, that they were just getting started and hadn't established any accounts yet. So, I'm just "staying tuned" right now.

I hope we can keep up on Jet Careers. Stay together.