Money or Results????????


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Im thinking about doing the 10 month program @ the Manassas location. I have not flown in about 6 months and Im kinda scared to take ANY tests on the subject of aviation.

Do they really deny people admission to the 10 month program due to poor test results? Whats on these tests

ATA stole my money.....
I don't know if anyone is denied or not, but they tests are a useful tool to predict success. It's just basic private pilot questions, like light gun signals and regs, etc. When I flew the sim during my interview, it wasn't great-they just want to see that you can be taught. The instructor that interviewed me did a brief lesson on a constant-speed descent, then had me try it a few times in the sim. I interviewed in the same place I did my ACPP, and while that's optional I think it gives you a nice introduction to everything.

I would go out and get a few hours however. While the 10-month program has less time demands than the 90-day, you're still expected to be a competent private pilot when you arrive.

Do you have the required XC PIC time? ATP often rents the C172 to incoming ACPP students to build their XC PIC time (with a CFI) and is a great way to get very current, and used to ATP. Instructors like it too, we get to go places
Yeah I have 31.8 PIC X-C, from my flights from ORL to IAD and ORL to MSY.

Yeah i need to go back up at a local FBO to brush off the dust. Maybe go and get my ME add on to my private to see if I like the operation. Thanks for your advice
do they have that taxi way finished yet? that was such a pain in the ass flying in and out of there.
I work on the east side for a small operator. The airport authority finished the long runway resurface not long ago. The PAPI is still out of service and I'm not sure about the ILS.
Manassas is great place to live and fly. You have to watch out for the Colgan planes before the tower opens for the day, they'll come in without talking to anyone from time to time, but it's still a great place.
ATP uses Dave Pearce for a DE. He gives a pretty comprehensive, but very fair checkride. I'd fly with him any time.