Minneapolis and Southeastern MN area


Eric Bohn

By the end of this year I'll be at 800-ish total hours with about 25+ multi, 280+ cross country (part 135 definition, 200-ish per the ATP requirement), and night and IFR around 80 each. My intentions are to get to the airlines by mid 2015 via normal ATP requirements.

I'd like to know what's out there in the Minneapolis and Southeastern MN area for non-CFI jobs that would hire a pilot with my experience. If you could also post the type of aircraft and contact info (if appropriate) that would be greatly appreciated. My preferences by order of importance are: 1) multi-engine, 2) turbine, 3) IFR, 4) cross-country, 5) night. I'm currently flying skydivers on the weekends.

Teaching is enjoyable; however, I'd like to get a big picture on what all of the options are in my area prior to going at it full time (aviation is not currently my full time occupation). I'm open to full time and part time flying opportunities depending on the aircraft as my current occupation allows for a decent amount of flexibility in schedule and commitments.

I would be a unique opportunity for corporate flight departments: As a mid to senior level software developer, I could serve in a hybrid pilot/programmer role where I would be fulfilling the companies software needs even during downtime waiting for flights (this would include websites, services, mobile applications, databases, etc.).

I'm easy to work with, customer oriented, mechanically inclined, and have a 4-year degree (B.S. Computer Science).