Military Training to Civilian Ratings


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I was curious, although it does not affect me yet as I am just now getting ready to go before UPT boards, the process that takes place to convert military training into civilian ratings.

i.e. Once a pilot is qualified say on a cargo aircraft (C-130, C-5, etc.) what one must do to get a Multi-Engine rating through the FAA or does that just come with the training.

Same about getting a commercial license, since one is getting paid to fly, does one automatically end up with a Commercial certificate or are there certain processes a pilot must go through for the FAA?
Hey Windchill, I'm thinking about trying to get in with the ANG as a pilot. What has the process for you been like so far?
It's actually pretty easy to convert ratings. Once you get out of pilot training all you have to do is take an FAA test which is pretty easy. After you take the test, it has to be signed off by a local FAA guy. If you didn't have a private pilot's license before training, then you get an instrument, commercial, multi-engine(center-line thrust restriction) license. If you had your PPL before you entered training, then you can get you commercial single as well.

If you wait until after training and you're flying your airframe, then you can get additional restrictions removed/added as pertinent to your airframe. I'm not sure which are associated with which aircraft.