Military and flight training possible?


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100% if you are flexible with your timeframe. Hit it hard when you have the time because who knows when you will have a chance to pick it back up. I finished my private, took 3 months off, did my tailwheel, took 2 months off, then took 8 months off then finished IR through MEI in 5 months.


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I have earned all my ratings while in the military. Fly when you have the time, study when you don't.


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I did my PPL while I was still enlisted. Over a period of 10 months, averaging about 2 flights a week, and at least 2 out of 4 weeks a month.

Went for my checkride at 45 hours, and had the ticket in hand after another 1.5 hours.

Cost me about $5000.


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Let me also give a big thumbs up to USAF Aero Clubs if there's one near by you. Definitely has the ability to be a lot cheaper than the local FBO.