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ok - the donation page is up and can be found here...

Make MikeD's Christmas in Iraq Better

unfortunately, doug hasn't yet inserted it into the menu (as far as I can tell)... and he won't be able to until he gets home cuz... well... cuz.. he dropped his laptop this morning while in San Diego and now it's all really really broke (mouse broke, power cord broke apart, etc etc)... and it's on it's way back to Dell...

but the page is there, please do donate whatever you can whether it's a friendly card, email or some $$ we can spend on him...I'm sure he'll like it all no matter what it is cuz it comes from the heart....

I really like the idea one user had about sending a picture (maybe of your city, maybe of you, maybe of your wife, or girlfriend) and a message on the back to MikeD. I know a lot of people here have flight training expenses, earning flight instructor wages, etc but I think if you can not afford the donation this is a really neat way to do something.
that's more than fine! just get it here by the due date... the address is on the page! :)
Yeah, Doug told me that last night, so i changed the photos around some...

but he called me this afternoon (since his computer is kaput) and told me the amount that's been collected so far - he was quite surprised and impressed with the JC family.

So far - the donations equal $157.59
... We can't thank you enough for contributing and please feel free to send me questions or concerns (especially if you want to remain anonymous)...

I know mike would appreciate your thoughts via card (as some of you have asked) because we all know what it's like to be eating out of cans... hahaha
Just make sure you get it to us by 12/10, so we can get the package out on time.

and feel free to send a check if your uncomfortable using paypal or what not - we don't mind!

Doug and I have also decided that we will match the highest contribution up to $100
... and we have a book to be donated to the highest bidder. If the highest bidder does not want the book, then the book will go to the next highest and so forth...

the book is called "milestones of aviation"


so we're thinking, even though mike's not home - he'll have a really great christmas thanks to his JC family...

Again - we really thank you for your contributions and your thoughts/prayers/emails and cards! I'm so tickled to see just how strong the Jetcareers family really is!
WHOOOO HOOOOOO - up to $320 (approx)... we'll be able to get him some really great stuff.. we're thinking a game of volleyball (depending on if they get free time or not) or maybe a gameboy - something for that free time...

he's told us it's very dirty/dusty so we might send something fun like a feather duster or a nice cozy blanket...stationary with some pens...chapstick, necessity type stuff (deoterant/toothpaste/toothbrushes etc) and some snacky snacks (candy bars/chips/powerade)...

anyone know how they go about mailing back to the states? do they need US stamps or is it considered free for the soldiers?? if they need stamps, then we'll send them some stamps too!

the money will also help us in shipping costs too!!

so far - the highest bid we've recieved is $30.. we will match the highest bid (100% up to $100) and get the "free" book out to that individual as well...

keep it coming guys.. the 10th is still some time away still and even if your not sending $$, send over a card that we can include in the box(s) - they'll love it!!

thank you so much for your contribution and your support - they need all the help they can get!!
How about a phone card...I dont know if they have phone access (well he had internet access) but if he does, its always nice to call the familly when away, and probally even better when calling home from war.
To mail stuff letter back to the US they dont need stamps.

[/ QUOTE ]

well, that's good - stamps are off the list then!

but check this out... did you know that they don't get pillows over there?? they have to use their jackets as pillows... just found that out from MikeD this morning... so (small) pillows are now on the list!
On a sensative issue ... send baby wipes. Its something really appreciated in the field, as it may be days between showers.