Mid-air crash in Florida


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Eagle, thanks for the fix. I've figured out how to put in a valid link now, and included it below with an updated story.
Anyhow, more updated info has come out on the crash. One plane was a Cessna 172 registered to Gulfstream Academy here in Fort Lauderdale. The other plane was a Cessna 182 registered to Flying Double Eagle in Boca Raton.

Updated Link


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Scary reading. The thought of a mid-air really worries me when I am flying. The bad part is that the one that is going to hit you is usually the hardest to see (ie it will appear stationary).

I have been looking closely at the Surecheck TPAS device which will at least give a heads up that there is someone else out there in your general vicinity. Anyone else used this device, and if so, how do you rate it?