Mid-Air Collision...100 ft above the field ???


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Two die in midair collision of two planes
Monday, November 17, 2003 Posted: 7:32 AM EST (1232 GMT)

Officials look over the wreckage of one of a Cessna that collided with another airplane at Westerly Airport.

WESTERLY, Rhode Island (AP) -- Two airplanes collided in midair on Sunday above an airport runway in Rhode Island, killing two men on board, officials said.

It was not clear what caused the afternoon collision about 100 feet above the runway at Westerly State Airport, said Ted Drozdz, chief aeronautics inspector for Rhode Island Airport Corp. He said the airport has no air traffic control tower, and pilots notify each other when taking off and landing.

Drozdz said the investigation would continue on Monday.

Five people from the planes were admitted to Westerly Hospital.

The two men died later, spokeswoman Judith West said, and the others were treated and released with minor injuries.

The victims' identities have not been released because authorities were notifying families, West said.

The airport is near Misquamicut State Beach

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For those of you curious, I have heard that one was landing and one in takeoff. It wasn't anybody from my flight schools, but here in NE, everybody knows some body. The weather yesterday was beautiful...winds light from the WNW (at PVD it was 280/05 at time of accident). Providence is about 15-20 NM Northeast of WST.

As I tell all my students...you never know what the other pilot will do so keep looking out at all times.

Sorry for this to be my first post, but kinda hits home.



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It was a Cessna 182 and a Piper Arrow... The two guys who were in the Cessna (one was chief pilot for New England Airlines) died after being taken to the hospital, the three people in the Piper were treated and released. I thought I heard that one was taking off and the other was landing, but I'm not positive. Probably a miscommunication. More info here. R.I.P.


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It was not clear what caused the afternoon collision...

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Umm, I think it might have been caused by 2 planes running into each other.

On a serious note, it always sucks to hear about a collision. Its something I'm afraid of, and should be respected. My sypathies go out to the families.