Microdisectomy and a letter from FAA:(


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Hello Sir,

I had a very successfully Microdisectomy surgery on my L5-S1 disk last Feb 15th. I was released by the surgeon to work 3 weeks later. I reported the surgery to my FAA doc when I renewed my First class on the 27th of Feb. On August 15th I get a letter from the FAA stating "we are unable to establish your eligibility to hold an airman medical certificate."......"Please submit an updated report...to include motor strength, range of motion etc." "please note that your medical has not been denied at this time....you have 30 days to respond or we will deny your application."

Long story short, I feel great, and I am strong as ever... PAIN FREE!!! Two questions:
Do I have a current first class medical as of this moment??? (As in am I flying legally?"
Second, Once I send in the glowing report from the surgeon what are the chances it will go through no problem? I'm kinda freaked out as I am starting a new job this week and don't want this to be a 'No Hire' situation.

Thanks in advance

My Flight Surgeon

Sr. Aviation Medical Examiner
1) Your medical is still valid.
2) Just take the FAA letter to the doc and ask for a letter (current status report) that includes everything the FAA is requesting. It should be no problem after that. Let us know.


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I can sleep tonight...thanks. I'll update the board when I get the all clear letter from the FAA.

BTW my herniated disk was 11mm and painful as all heck. Surgery was my last resort, but the micro surgery worked wonders for me.


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Ok, sorry for the late reply. I sent off the report from my treating Surgeon. I made sure it followed every stipulation that the FAA required. They sent me an all clear letter the day after receiving my letter. It looked like a form type letter with (fill in the ailment here) style writing. Very generic. Cant complain as it was a good feeling to get the all clear.