Miami Air?

I was in Wisconsin about 2 months ago at Volk field (Wisc ANG base), I was doing some testing there for work. There was a Miami Air 737-800 there (I think it was an 800). They were ferrying troops I think, though I didn't get to talk to the crew.

C-17's were coming and going the whole time taking stuff to Iraq and such, we also got to see an F-16 do a full-burn takeoff - he accelerated the length of the runway and then went vertical. I was in an RV on a runway exit taxiway - it was sweet!
Yea, i saw that same miami 737 ( it had winglets so its one of the NG's i guess) leave purdue on friday afternoon im pretty sure, taking our football team (i assume) to get demoralized by michigan....
anyone know why that Miami Air 727 has been sitting on our ramp for a few days?

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I heard through the pipeline that the 727 was tentively scheduled to take the Yankees (or the Marlins) to Florida if the World Series dragged on, after they dropped the football team off here.

Since the World Series ended on Saturday, I guess they don't know what to do with that plane.
A 727 broken??? Surely you jest.......

any 727 is in great shape compared to that hulk that has been rotting away on the ramp next to the 737....sometimes D. Lopp or whoever else takes classes out to start the one remaining engine on the 727....about twice a semester, ive sat in class listening to it waiting to hear it blow up when they put some throttle to it....
Yeah but don't forget that that "hulk that's rotting away on the ramp" WAS just as 'new' and shiny and cool as the 737 when I was there. Give it 5 years the 73 will be a POS too. Who delivered the 737? Neil Armstrong was involved in the delivery of the 727.

i want to say United was the last operator of our 737?....someone correct me if i'm wrong.....i do remember Boeing taking it away for a while to do those tests on the rudder problems they were having a while back.....does anyone know how much hands on experience the maintenance guys/gals get to do on the 72/73?.....
I think Boeing has stipulated that we can't let the 73 go to pot. We have to keep that thing relatively airworthy because they want to use it as a test bed.

Jason... you asked me something about blowing up the 727. I, in error, basically asked you what you were smoking. Apparently, you heard right. Purdue, in conjunction with the DHS and the NTSB, proposed blowing the thing up. We were going to use the debris for training people as accident investigators and to aid in researching how to prevent airline bombings.
See I am right! I'm 180 miles from campus and I'm still in the inside loop!

Actually I talked to a couple of professors up there and apparently that story got blown way out of proporition - pm me and I'll explain it all.