Met two more...


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...JC'ers yesterday in Chicago.

Got the pleasure of meeting FlyChicaga and avi8or. Both very cool guys! Actually, everyone that I've met from jetcareers so far is.

Even got a tour of downtown from avi8or, which was way cool of him!

Thanks again for meeting up guys, it was great meeting you!

Hope to meet some more of you in Vegas this year.
Cool meeting you too! Hey, you didn't happen to ask for direct Knox instead of Gipper by chance? I was flying the ILS 31C into MDW and heard a Bonanza asking for that. I for sure thought it was you.
T'was me.

I was trying to avoid getting to far out over the water...every time I cross a lake now in something with only one engine, I think of that Caravan that went into Lake Erie a couple months ago.

I heard all kinds of 'Windy Cities', but wasn't sure which one was Now that you mention it though, I did hear one getting cleared for the ILS to 31C, so that was probably you.
What exactly is involved in the ILS 31C approach?

FlyChicaga loves that appch. and is always talking about it.

Is that the "circle approach" or whatever?

Anyone care to break it down for me and all other JC readers?

you guys makes me so jealous. im sitting here at my desk praying for some lower ceilings so i can shoot the ils tonite in martinsburg......all i can get is 5000 ovc
the ILS 31C means it's the ILS approach to Runway 31 Center. There are three parrallel runways at Midway, and they all have the same number, so there's a right, left, and center. The C has nothing to do with circling. You can always tell a circling approach because it doesn't list a runway. It'll say something like, "VOR DME A" or "NDB B"
EatSleepFly- It was great meeting you to! Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Windy City.