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This was buried in another post, but really needs to be seen.

Let me be really frank. A couple days off the forum because I'm on the road and a lot of you determined that "Hey! I don't need to respect the environment that Doug's trying to foster here on the website" and there's a pretty long list of people that I'm not very happy with at the moment.

Somehow we were able to corral 213 angry Germans stuck in Maine yesterday without incident but OMG, a bunch of adults couldn't find a way to get along on an internet forum.

I'm a little dumbfounded.

The combatants,......, know what I'm trying to do here, but somehow people think it's kosher to thumb their nose at the core principles which we built the website on.

People whizz in the corner and then complain loudly about the room smelling of urine before they've even zipped their fly.

This... I don't get.

I would suggest that everyone take note of the post and make an attempt to understand it.
Not open for further replies.