Mesa turns a profit in Q1


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JO must have gotten from the company whatever he was looking for.


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We must have missed the concessionary pay cuts and benefit reductions from all work groups memo too. . .*shucks*


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That article leaves out some important information.

They turned a profit because of a one time benefit resulting from settling the Hawaiian airlines lawsuit.

On a pro forma basis, they lost about $4.1 M

It's interesting to see that the G&A expense is increasing at the same time they are cutting capacity.


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Go! is killing Mesa slowly......too bad JO/Lotz are too stubborn to cut their losses there.


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Go! is killing Mesa slowly......too bad JO/Lotz are too stubborn to cut their losses there.

HONEST QUESTION: How could JO have been so arrogant to say they could have operated GO! for a while without revenue when Mesa overall has been in such a tight money situation (like every other airline). I know JO isn't liked and I do not like what he has done in this industry either, yet am curious how he can be soo arrogant and still remain in business? I wish the MESA guys/gals the best but from the outside I can not see the company staying around if the Delta deal really does get shut down. Is there an effort underway to get rid of JO?


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As much as people would like to get rid of him, he's still a contracted employee of the company too. The BOD doesn't want to or can't afford to kick him out, and they must like the brand of #### he serves because they keep renewing his contract.

Go! was doomed for failure from the beginning. I honestly don't know what it would take to get the uppers canned. I guess running the company into the ground isn't enough these days.

And FWIW, I've heard that Mesa actually has a pretty good case built against DL, and has a good shot at winning.


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When evaluating a company's value, "Earnings" in some cases means very little except for taxes.

What is their free cash flow or cash flow from operations? If it is red it is bad, kinda like engine indications on an aeroplane.