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I just spent about 40 minutes with a nice guy down there in Farmington regarding the PACE program at Mesa.


300 hours; Multi Instrument commercial; high perf/complex


Its 19 weeks and $10-12k
10 baron
10 baron sim
40 1900 sim
10 1900

basically the 4th and 5th semesters of the 5 semester MAPD course.

+/- 20% attrition rate from MAPD; he assumed higher in the PACE program due to differences in the level of activity people see from their FBO or whatever to the PACE program.

This is a hardcore program I am told. Be VERY strong in your instrument skills, and be ready for something besides a 152/172. He said they do approaches at 120-130ktas versus the 65ktas I'm used to ;p

At the end, of the 98% of students who applied for Mesa Air Group, 100% were hired, this past 2 years.

*May* take as little as 12 weeks, but 18-19 is the standard.


19 weeks hardcore training - no breaks

Its in Farmington, NM (now I havent been there, but its 35,000 people and not near much of anything).

I guess they drill the PACE people since they arent in from the beginning. He said to be ready for lots of criticism and a somewhat military format (I guess the chief instructor is a former USAF training Colonel).


I guess the standard pay is $18.15 per hour, and its 121, so 100 max/mo.

More hours less pay if you fly the 1900, and in the 1900 you can get a Capt. seat faster, and the domiciles are more numerous.

More pay in the RJ's but longer to the Jet seat, by seniority, etc. Probably more like 2 years.


In short, this is something I will be looking very closely at. I may take my CFII when I get it and see what they can do for me, or I may just take out a loan and go for it. I was in the Army, so I can put up with about anything for 19 weeks
Especially if it means getting a job at a regional, and building hours for my move to a major.

The person I spoke to thinks that they may try to make Mesa Air Group into a major someday anyway... Either way, 300 hours entry is looking pretty good to me!