Mesa - no additional furloughs


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I can't decide if I'm happy or disappointed! ;)

Mesa and Freedom Pilot Teams:

We are pleased to pass along some good news.

Although we are overstaffed in certain equipment, we have decided NOT to
furlough any pilots at this time. We have made this decision based on the following

• To minimize the disruption to the lives and families of our pilots during
this upcoming holiday season and the current economic downturn.
• To maximize customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding operational
performance during the holiday season.

As you know from my previous communications, our company has been impacted by
block hour reductions from of code-share partners as well as the termination of the
Delta CRJ-900 contract. These events are never easy to overcome and in nearly all
cases they can result in substantial pilot furloughs.

One of the hardest decisions we can make is to furlough a fellow employee. We
know you made a conscious decision to work here and we in turn made a
substantial training investment. It’s a lose-lose scenario anyway you look at it.

Together, we have worked hard to minimize the number of furloughed employees.
Specifically, we have tried to protect the jobs of our pilots while preserving our
operational integrity through;

• Voluntary Leaves of Absence
• Opportunities to work in out China operation
• Incentives to drop trips to avoid annual timeouts

I assure you that we will continue to explore ways to minimize the impact of
downsizing across the entire company.

While an obvious consequence of excess crews will be reductions in line values and
additional reserve lines, however it will also mean that nearly 150 of your fellow
pilots will remain employed during this holiday season and this difficult economic environment

410 North 44th Street
Suite 700
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Office (602) 685-4000
Fax (602) 685-4350
We are hopeful that you will reflect upon and appreciate the diligence of our work
and its positive impact to you and your families and our company as a whole.

I want to acknowledge Kevin Wilson your MEC Chairman, and other members of
the local ALPA leadership team who provided input into this decision. This is yet
another example of the positive benefits of working collaboratively.

Thanks again for your continued hard work and dedication. Your efforts are
sincerely appreciated.

We are well on our way towards Making Mesa Great!




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What's the news (if any) with the TA? Judging by the elevator in ORD and stickers I've seen elsewhere, seems to be TONS of opposition to it...


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What's the news (if any) with the TA? Judging by the elevator in ORD and stickers I've seen elsewhere, seems to be TONS of opposition to it...
Seems like most I talk to are voting it down. I did. Hopefully the majority do...


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I've not talked to one person who is totally for it. I think it is going to be voted down. I hope there is a 90%+ no vote to give our negotiation committee some capital when negotiations start again. Hopefully the NC won't settle for some crap contract this time.