Meigs Field !?!


LOL ahahah that is sooooo funny!!!! Ahahahaha! Hahah!



That was a hoot!


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I think that this is a sad day in aviation. One of this nations most scenic and most well known airports has been closed. I don't know all of the politics regarding the Meigs field closure, but I do know that it is a shame that it had to come to this. This definetly isn't the first or the last time politics ruins a good thing. It has been a long time dream (ever since I bought my first MS flight sim) to fly into meigs field. Unfortunatly I won't get that chance.


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Well, when I wrote "funny" I believe I also included "tragic" as well...didnt mean to stir a hornets nest up or something...come on, being that we're in quite a lull in the industry if we dont have a laugh at least once in a while then what do we have? Lighten up! Hopefully the city will get sued 100x for what the mayor did...


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Why are you are posting this in the FlightSafety forum? Its a free country and all, but this site does have a Squawk Box forum where this post would/has fit in for discussion.