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Well, being as I've been helping Friends of Meigs out lately in their fight, just wanted to pass on the latest which was released in their newsletter today.

The City of Chicago is almost directly attacking and laughing in the face of aviation with their latest actions. The Chicago Park District (run by a very close friend of Herr Daley) announced a fast-track contract approval for the demolition company to finish the destruction of Meigs. This isn't what's pissing me off. It's the fact that the City of Chicago and the Park District announced that the contract would be paid using funds from the City of Chicago Federal Aviation Funds Program. (Which, If I remember right, is not legal since the FAA prohibits the use of the funds for anything other than the furthurance of aviation.) Using Federal monies earmarked for aviation to finish the destruction of one of the most popular General Aviation Airports in the US, if not toe world is just a HUGE slap in the face....

Sorry.... just had to rant and vent on this one.
I think all the airlines should ban these clowns from getting on their planes. They can drive everywhere.

Personaly Id like to kick his @#$.

Sorry, that is probly not appropriate but I just cant stand most of the political system of that city. Id love to live there but sure as heck im not going there till those SOB's are gone.

There I feel better now

If they really use those funds the FAA will (or should, but seeing as how spineless the FAA has become over the past few years, who knows) pull further funding from the city for projects at O'Hare.

This really should be happening but you throw "national security" on something and you could probably get away with executing seniors at retirement homes in broad daylight on the fourth of July.