MEI Initial Checkride


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I will be doing my initial MEI checkride with the Alleghany (Pittsburg, PA) FSDO on July 31st, in a BE-76. Any Advice?


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Well congratulations, no more checkrides for awhile! I can't tell you much about your examiner obviously but I did do my MEI in a BE-76 as well. Know the 10 things that effect Vmc. Not only that but know what Vmca decreases and increases with. Such as you will teach that Vmca will decrease with a higher gross weight because a heavier airplane is more stable. Or how it increases when the gear are retracted because they act as a stability device sort of like a weather vane causing decreased yaw and increased drag. I know the local examiner here really stresses a pre-takeoff briefing with him that includes what to do if you have an engine failure at certain points in the flight. Of course systems stuff which I am guessing you should know all about already but if you have specific questions don't hesitate to ask. Be sure to print off the flying light twins safely accident prevention program from the FAA Its old but has good information. Anyway if you have any more questions you can PM but there there are a lot of good instructors on here that can offer you very useful advice.


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All maneuvers (Vmc Demo) above 3000 AGL or recommended by POH.
My DPE tried to trick me when I did my MEI add-on; you will be the MEI, don't trust the student or DPE.

Good Luck.