MEI in Alaska


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I have the opportunity to pursue the MEI in addition to my CFI/II. I am planning on going to Alaska once I get more time, but am wondering if an MEI would be of any use up there. How many schools up there have twin trainers, and what are the chances I could get hired straight into training in it? I'm also considering spending the money on a float rating. Thanks for any info in advance.


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In the anchorage area I only know of one FBO with a twin for rent and that is aerotech. They have an Aztec that rents for an outrageous price. I think UAA has a dutchess but I'm not positive. The elmendorf aeroclub also has a seneca. The Aztec leaves the ramp about 2 times a month.


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making the jump from relatively no weather flying to "smack you in the face" weather flying?

I can't say I blame you though, I would also love to move up there.

Sounds like it will be a tough road ahead to get twin time instructing.


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Hi I just got my multi commercial up here a few months back and you should very easily be able to get your MEI and SEA both within about two months. Your sea rating will have to wait till summer of coarse.


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yeah, if you have base access I would recomend the Elmendorf Aero Club seaplane course... It is now VA approved and we will be getting another float plane soon. I have a seaplane rating but got it years ago. I like flying out of Elmendorf Seaplane base.

besides you only really get a few months of seaplane action up here. Hey Alaska guy why dont you join the Alaska movement social group????:confused: