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I passed my MEI ride this afternoon. Started the day by going and flying some approaches and the mei maneuvers with my instructor and then the checkride at 9:00am. Oral went real well followed by a great flight. After a short break we started on the CFII oral. The oral went very smoothly, and I get to do the flight portion tomorrow morning. I am doing this at ALL ATPS. So far I am very impressed. Tomorrow will be day 5 and I should be done around 7:00am with two ratings and about 9 hours flight time.
Just want to say good liuck!
You can do it!
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Finished the CFII this morning, 1.4 hr flight 3 appoaches. Went better than I could have hoped. What a relief to have them out of the way.
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Congrats Buzo. I've got my mei and cfii ride next week. Any advice?

Advice about the MEI, know the systems of the airplane well, and be able to teach multi engine aerodynamics. Know the when you can fail an engine with the mixtures and when you have to only use the throttles, and what speed you can fail the engine on takeoff roll. Just talk to the examiner like you would a new student and you should be fine. My oral was about an hour, and the flight was 1.1.

The II checkride was pretty easy, if you use the same examiner, try to impress them with the first checkride and the second one will be a bit easier. The oral consisted of the flight instruments and regs. The flight was three approaches, 2 ILS and one PP VOR. I flew the first ILS to a missed, then the examiner flew the 2nd ILS and had me fail an engine on him and talk him through the approach. The VOR approach consisted of one turn in the hold followed by the approach all partial panel. He made me fly it to the final approach fix then he took the plane and on the way back to the airport he put me in an unusual attitude and then he landed the plane.

All in all, I had a great experience. It took 5 days and I got 2 ratings. If anyone is interested, it was at ATP's in Las Vegas.