Meds for eye


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I have a recurring issue with a stye that is on my lower eyelid. It isn't affecting vision any but was curious if these drugs are approved for flight?


Obviously if the vision is blurred from the meds, then it's a no-go, but my vision is fine after about 5 minutes of applying the meds.

Erythromycin is just an antibiotic and is approved. You may be supposed to wait a period of time (48 hours?) after you initially take it to be sure you don't develop any side effects or adverse reactions, that would just be the first time. Acular is also OK so long as their are no side effects.

The Doktor can correct me if I'm wrong.
Topical antibiotics are OK.

Acular should be used for 24 hours before flying to see if you have an adverse reaction to it. Edema or swelling of the cornea is a common side effect of Acular.