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Hello all,

I'm wondering is it common for Corp./fractionals & other aviation employers to require additional pre-employment physicals beyond the typical class 1 physical required by the FAA.

The reason that I ask is because I had some cardiac treadmill testing done about 2 years ago due to chest pain. Fortunately, the test results came back negative (EKG normal,good cholesterol levels,etc.) . It did however,cause the FAA to request TONS of paperwork. I received my class 3 medical (with no restrictions or special issuance) after a brief review by FAA medical HQ in OKC.

I know that I need a class 1 medical to work at any airline or most corp./fractionals. My concern is that due to the nature of my testing "medical history" that employers will not talk to me even if I do hold a class 1 medical. Thus, all of the time & money invested in ratings,etc. will be for nothing. Or in other words, will extensive medical testing raise "red flags" with most aviation employers - Even if no problems were found?

Anyone out there have any similar experiences? Am I worrying too much about it?

I appreciate any insight you may have.

Mark P. - "EFC"
If the test came back negative there is no reason to oput it down. I had the same test, turned out it was a ribhead that popped out and was torquing the from of my rib cage. hurt like hell esp when I was breathing!!

If there is *ANY* way you can keep your medical issues private I think you should. obvious exclusions.

And the 135 co I work for only requires a class 2.