May 2, OTS applicant, July AT-SAT, timetable on OKC?


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If I am a May 2 ending OTS applicant. have my at-sat set up for mid july. assuming the process goes as planned, anyone have an idea or guess as to the timetable as to when I could be asked to go to the academy in OKC?


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I'm testing in less than 36 hours (YAAAAH :panic::panic::panic:)... for the 5/2 closing... as I'm sure many others will be during the next few weeks.

Only time will tell, buddy!


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I take the AT-SAT 7/18 from the May 2 application. From what I have noticed from the timelines people list at the botttom of thier post is that it take about a year:banghead:.

My question is that if you are selected to go to Oklahoma, do you pick your entrance date or are you get put in the next open class?

5/2 Applied OTS
6/30 Applied OTS
7/18 Take AT-SAT