Marketing - Getting Students


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What techniques have worked well for other CFI's on here, marketing wise. I have business cards and flyers, and have been putting them up in local grocery stores to attract more students.
If you have business cards and are handing out flyers I'd say you're off to a good start. I usually just hang out at the airport as much as possible after work and on the weekends. I have gotten a couple walk-ins by this approach. It's not a very proactive approach but its kept me busy considering I only instruct part time.
If there's a local college near by see about taking out an ad in the student newspaper. Usually the rates aren't to bad. And if you talk to the right folks you might even be able to get an article done on your FBO ...
The new Flight Training this month has a 3 page article on this subject. It was actually pretty good and if you are an AOPA member go the AOPA's website and read it for free.
I also hand out flyers and business cards. I also advertise on radio (great being manager
). I also pay the FBO to give my name out and keep it filed for me (a cheap price for it) and that usually keeps the amount I want flowing.
What type of places do you hand out / get good success with flyers?

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FBO's, Main Termianal of commercial airports When you enter airport, Grocery Stores, Gaming Stores right nere the Flight Simulator boxes (only do it if the manager or an employee gives you the OK, I've made that mistake once or twice).
Tell `em you have an agreement with a regional airline and that they'll be sitting right seat in a CRJ in 4 months and 2 hours.... guaranteed..... for the low low price of $90,000.00.



Great thread! I've been wondering how to approach this when I become an instructor.