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Does anywhere here know what I would need if I wanted to map something? Would I be able to use a GPS combined with some software? What I want to do is map a golf course and to make a yardage book.

Any suggestions



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How are you planning on doing it? Walking around the perimeter of every fairway, green and hazard? OziExplorer may be of use to you.


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Hey Aloft,

I had a feeling you would respond. If that is what it comes down to, I will. If the mapping software allows the speed of a cart, I would use that, but I don't mind walking. It is a very tight, short course.


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I have a Garmin GPS III+ that I use for mapping mountainbike trails which does it with great resolution. I also use it to mark train & subway stations while traveling in Europe so it might be one you want to look into. There is also a software package where I can edit the maps as well.

But I think most units allow for that.