Man crashes through airport gate


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Man in truck crashes through gate at Arkansas airport, tries to get to parked plane

Associated Press
Last update: April 15, 2009 - 3:20 PM

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<!-- End Sidebar --> FORT SMITH, Ark. - A man in a pickup truck crashed through a fence gate at the Fort Smith airport, drove 100 yards and attempted to reach a parked airplane. The man, 28, would not have gotten anywhere after reaching the tarmac Thursday morning — the plane was missing its propellers.
Witnesses told police that the man said he needed to "get to Israel" and that he had "all the answers."
The man was arrested and taken to county jail. He faces charges of felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor criminal trespass.
Police said the front gate and about 20 feet of fence were damaged.

The plane was missing propellers lol.
The TSA will now require that all props e removed while parked for security reasons.
Haha, they will mandate that all props, tires and flight controls be removed and the airplane locked up with the key given to the TSA.
I think the TSA should take down all the perimeter fences. If you take down the fences, no one will crash through them.

It isn't hard to get in the head of the TSA, but its dark and scary.
If the TSA had their way, everybody would have to go through security, do a security inspection of their 172, and wear a badge everywhere they go. Oh, don't forget that if you don't have a SIDA badge for the airport you're at, you can't go anywhere without an escort.