Make a wish needs your help.


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From another aviation board.

We need some air support to assist with a world wide relay of our little buddy, Charlie Bear. Charlie is a small stuffed bear that has traveled the entire united states on motorcycles through our compassionate biker friends. He has visited some great places and been on TV many times as well as featured in a number of magazines. The goal is to raise awareness and money for the Make A Wish foundation. Children can follow Charlie Bear on his facebook page and experience travel through Charlie's adventure. Since most of them are in hospitals and/or unable to leave their home, this gives them the sense of adventure through Charlie's experiences.

Now that we have covered the US, we are in need of inexpensive transportation to get Charlie to the next continent so he can continue to ride. We need to get Charlie to Hawaii, Australia and the UK. Since we can't ride our bikes across the water, we are looking for air support to help in any way possible in order to avoid transportation costs and to continue the spirit of the RELAY in tact. Anyone can ship a bear, but can we find compassionate pilots to get Charlie a first class ride to the next destination?

Here is a link to our Facebook page so you can see more about what we are doing.

There is also a Charlie Bear Fan page on facebook:

If you can help or know of someone, pilot or flight attendent, that can assist, please let me know. Everyone that has participated to this point has been touched by Charlie and the entire experience. Thanks....
I'm going on vacation to Hawaii in January, if someone can get the bear to Alaska, I can get it Hawaii.
Where does he need to go? I might be going to london soon if I can get the days off. Would love to help!
I would post on the face book page above. I think they are actually trying to get him to London.
Just an update for anyone interested, I sent a few pm's but have not heard anything back. My plans are all dependent on what days off I will get so I may not be able to go. If anyone wants to help, become a member of the WWRR facebook page and leave a comment.