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I posted something similiar a few months back. Just curious, anyone on the board currently in the Madison, WI area?

I am a non-practicing CFI, looking to get in the air a bit. New to the area from Arizona (yes I left AZ, but loving it here).

My wife is from Oregon, WI, does that count?

She was born and raised in Wisconsin, moved to Orlando for college, spent about 5 months in Tampa before we moved out to Arizona in 2000.
yup, that's pretty much my entire life story :)

except that i was born in the state of oregon, lived outside of oregon wisconsin and went to oregon high... but still... doug's always pretty close, just no cigar cuz he always says "awww, just admit it, your from fitchburg" hahaha

but i've been back to madison/milwaukee several times so far this year (badger football games are sooo much fun!!) - best friend just had a baby boy yesterday.... I'll be going back up there again in a few weeks...

looking for new flying partners up there travis? how do you like it up there? warming up some?
I used to work at an FBO in Janesville, WI (KJVL) just south of Madison. I took my instrument checkride with an examiner at MSN at the Wisconsin Aviation FBO. They seem to be one of the bigger operators there. They had a flight school and charter operations last I knew. As for the city itself, I love it. They have great night life and two lakes around the city. When you get bored you can go watch the F-16s at the ANG base. If you can get a job with Wisconsin Aviation at MSN or another operation I am sure you will be happy. I did all of my primary and instrument training in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and absolutely loved it. Great airports, great ATC, and pretty good weather (most of the year)
I got a ton of actual IFR training
Can't think of anything else as of right now. Let me know if you have any more questions. I grew up in the area and will try to help you out if I can. Take care!

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KJVL? I was based in KRFD for two weeks after initial training at Skyway!


All day, every day, no changes, ack!

I'm up here in Appleton. A recent transplant from the bustling metropolis of suburban Chicago...

I never thought anywhere could be colder then Chicago... Man, was *I* wrong!

That's interesting that you were based in RFD, I am from a town just on the northern side of the city (Machesney Park). RFD is a sad sight, they can't pull any airlines in to save themselves. They have a nice terminal but lost their last airline when Mesaba pulled out a year or so ago. Thank God they have a UPS hub there otherwise the place would be shut down. It's pretty nice having 757s, etc flying over my parents house at 2am when I visit.

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I grew up in Madison. Great city, downtown is a blast. As far as flying WI has lots of cool airports to check out.
I have flown quite a bit with Wisconsin Aviation. Not a bad outfit, just built a new FBO. If your looking for cheaper rentals Middleton (far west side) may be less expensive.
Hey, I'm from Rockford too, didn't do any flight training there though. I hope to fly some out of Poplar Grove (C77) this summer with my new Private. I've heard its a very nice place to fly out of.
Hey Av8rPHX, where you flying out of? I'm flying out of KSDL with CRM airline training center. You a student, instructor, whats the story?
I lived in Madison for most of the 90's, but then I had to move. Too much time in a college town without actually attending college! Great town though. I could see going back there some day.

Fitchburg huh? Man, I could go for some Culver's 'bout now. It's H-O-T down here in Vero Beach!

Ahh you're talkin. It doesn't get much better than a butter burger and a custard shake for lunch. I think I need to go there now.....
Ya, when I lived down dare in OOOak Creeeeeek, we had a KAAAAHPs (Kopps) FROHHHzen CustAAARd SHAAAAAHP, down da ROOOOOad.

And a place dat served Buh-terrr Burgers, hey!

(Kristie's gonna kill me when she sees me teasing Wisconsinites)

You betchya!
Kopps is great,as is i miss that place,luckily im heading back up to WI this month via MSP. justme,im actually grounded (voluntarily) at the moment due to personal issues.
I am glad that Culvers is in Michigan now too. It kind of followed me over here when I moved for college. I am sure my arteries are loving it too

Madison trivia - can anyone confirm these.....I heard that Otis Redding, singer of Sittin on the dock of the bay died in a crash back in the day in one of the lakes by MSN. I heard he was in a baron or bonanza. Just wondering, I never checked with anyone to confirm it. Suppose I could look at the NTSB. I am also pretty positive that Stevie Ray Vaughn died in a helicopter crash just outside of Lake Geneva.

I have no idea how this thread got on Culvers and why I am now talking about crashes in WI, but that just seems to happen on the forums

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