Made the leap!!!


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Hey guys, I just got engaged yesterday! It was fun being a bachelor, but it's time to settle down. I guess this is where the fun starts.:D:D

-fly safe
getting engaged is like playing "big 6/8" in craps...a sucker bet :)

seriously, congradualtions.

Everyone bombarded me with the question, hours after proposing, "So when's the date?" so, when's the date? :D

Just wait though, planning can get stressful, just remember the big picture.
You did WHAT???? And you think aviation is expensive!!!:panic:

Seriously, Conratulations!

and man!:crazy:
Congrats on teh engagement. I am coming on 6 years now. Being a bachelor was fun but being married is more fun IMHO (most of the time). :D
Geez this place is swimming with engagements! Congrats to ya! :yeahthat: You can now start logging all that SIC time with her being THE PIC & THE FEDS! :yup: Congrats again!
Congrats bud! Side note, what you been doing lately man?

Nothing much man. Just been working hard. I haven't been flying for awhile due to the harsh winter we had here in upstate NY. Will definitely start again once the weather gets better. Won't be as much as I would like though. I have to save up for something called a wedding!;)