M Fk. Salmon R.& Landing at the "B" Ranch


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I included a good portion of the canyon flying in this video, to give those not familiar with the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, a flavor of the topography. This was my first flight ever into the Flying "B" Ranch, Idaho. I had to make a last minute change in my landing direction as a plane ahead of me wanted to circle the "B" with a student in Back country flying. Notice the Dornier aircraft that has his nose sticking out in the runway. We were going in on a Mural Society flight (Vale Oregon trail Murals.com) for breakfast. I donate a flight each year to raise money for our Murals. I had a couple of old farmers along on this flight. They were both in there 80s. One of them flew P-47s in WWII. A great flight. Live is good! Bob