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Comair 100ER

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I know they're not hiring for sure, and I think they may begin hiring again in the spring. Not sure if they're union yet, but I know they were working on it. Also, they have a high turnover rate and low wages. That's all I know!


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Thanks Comair! I don't quite have enough hours for them yet, but just trying to see what may come this next year. Is it better pay than Lakes?


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I've had my stuff walked in there a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything, which is understandable with the holidays and such. I've gotten different answers on their hiring status. They have a pool right now, not sure how many people are in it. I guess you could say they are accepting resumes but are not running classes. They did exercise their options on 10 more Dash 8-400Qs, it is just a matter of time when Bombardier will deliver them. Word is #11 will arrive sometime in June. I've also heard they might run a class around Spring time, which should be filled already from the pilots in the pool.


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There is an instructor at my location who interviewed and got hired with Lynx in September. She has been in the pool ever since and has not heard when they may possibly put her through training.