Lower back pain.


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I think that within the last week at work I have pulled my back. It started out to be not that bad, but its getting to the point where it just hurts. It is more of a pinching pain then a pulled muscle pain. Right around the small of my back. What are some suggestions to help relieve the pain in a non-medicine, non-surgical, way. Stretches, exercises....... I pulled a back muscle a few months ago and it seemed that kayaking helped it alot. Im talking to my boss tomorrow so Ill at least get the free doctors appointment. Any words of advice?? Thanks!!
First, if it happened at work in the normal duties of your job, report it to your employer. That opens the door for possible workers' comp later on if necessary, and might improve the situation a bit in the meantime.

My back aches sometimes too, but it's almost always because of bad posture. Prolonged stress does it too. What I am about to say will sound strange to some...a girlfriend gave me some of her PMS medication (Pamprin I believe) one night when I was really in pain, and I have to say the stuff works. Try it, just hide the bottle
Hey!! Dont take back pains easily...

As long as it is muscle ache its ok...otherwise consult a doc ..I've experience HELL with my back a few months back tried excercises thinking it was bcos of my weight etc.. it became worse. Then my doc found out that my hip was not in a good posture some medcines + ayurvedic massages POOF! it was gone/

In the meanwhile i was tested for Slip-disk Kidney malfunction and other scary things
Well, if it's just a pulled muscle, count your blessings. Alternating heat and cold 15-20 minutes each should help when you're stiff. If you're having shooting pain, or other problems that radiate to other places, like your legs, the road to recovery is not so easy. I had a bulging disc in my lower back, that's basically the precursor to a full-blown herniated disc. I really had to concentrate on using proper lifting technique, especially eliminating twisting. Also, I had to take a prescription anti-inflammatory medication for 3 or 4 months. It was called Vioxx. If your Dr. puts you on that, I hope you have a prescription plan on you insurance! Stuff runs $3 a pill and you take 1-2 a day. So, it costs $100-$200 per month, but does work.
I recently had surgery and took my first flight in 2 months. Whatever you do, take care of your back. I hurt mine grabbing a bag out of the backseat. I cried myself to sleep for a week untill they operated on it. No fun. No problems with my medical. It was due shortly after I was released by my doctor. Proper documentation and I was good to go.
If you keep doing that, you'll end up with at minimum a bulging disc, and possibly a herniated one. Then you'll really be in a world of hurt. Popping in joints is never a good thing.
I didn't go through med school...I've been a street medic and firefighter for the past 4 years. You need to know that the title MD/DO does not mean always correct. The title paramedic doesn't mean I know everything either...I never contended that I do. I don't know who told you that you can't get a bulging disc from twisting, that's the wrong info. I used to do the identical twisting motions you describe, and obtained a bulge at L1 that impinged on the nerve root. I stopped my twisting exercises (as advised by my dr), and the bulge went away. Nowadays, if I inadvertantly twist my back in a way that it pops, I have sciatic pain the very next day--in otherwords the bulge reoccurs. I'm just trying to let you know that doctors are not always right, and they're wrong a whole lot more often than most people think. Physicians are people too, and sometimes they're just dead wrong. I encourage you to research what you're told by any doctor (you may already do this; and that's great).
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It really bothers me when people think they know everything about everything.

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When did I contend that I know everything about everything? It bothers me when the public thinks that doctors know everything--they simply don't, not even close. And just because somebody hasn't been to med school, doesn't mean they're not knowledgable about medicine.