Lost a Friend to a light twin, please say prayers...


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Sunday I was sitting in my living room studying Vmc for an upcoming MEI ride, and my mom walked in and told me that Larry Jackson was killed in a plane crash that day. He was departing Airman Acres, just north of Tulsa International, in a twin and lost an engine. I suspect Vmc roll by what the witness described on the news. I was at a fly-in at that airport the day before, so it was really eerie.

He was a great man, an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman, and an avid GA pilot. Airman Acres is an airport community, and everyone is devastated there. Please say a prayer for Larry's family that he left behind, as well as that of the co-pilot's. They both lost their lives.


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Condolences my friend. I have lost friends before in the line of duty. Just remember to do something to honor your friend...that will help you get through this. Life won't be the same, and as much as we pray that it will, it still won't. This part of life is about learning to deal with a change, and learning to keep someones legacy alive, even though they might be gone. Take care!



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Sorry to hear that friend. I knew him too. Not personally, but we had casual conversations before when I would fuel his OHP plane at PWA. He was a pretty nice fellow. Rest in peace.


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I also knew him, but not very well. I flew with one of his subordinates that was in the OHP, so I met him on a few occasions. Sorry for your loss.


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We all get complacent at times, and say "that would never happen to me." When it hits close to home, it really puts things in to perspective.