Looks like I'm starting May 6


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Looks like I\'m starting May 6

in Dallas.

I doubt I'll beat SoCal's amazing record...

I'll be glad to give updates for a less than record pace finish if anyone would like.
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Hey Sig,

Good luck. And yes, please keep us updated when you can.

I'll be heading to ATP around Sept 03. I'll start banging away the writtens in a couple of months.

Again good luck.
Re: Looks like I\'m starting May 6

Will do! I'm actually reserving the class date in the morning, and I haven't taken the writtens yet.

As a matter of fact, I'm still short on the XC PIC time. I'll update if they won't gimme a slot- considering I've flown 8 hrs last week XC PIC at night, I don't think they'd worry about me making it before May 6. It'll certainly shed light on how they work.

No worries, though. I'm ready for the Instrument/CFII (the same test), and I will be ready for the rest next week. If the weather looks like it will hold for more than two hours, I'll be burning the time from FWS to wherever I can.

The hardest part so far has been... well, nothing. I promise, nothing has been any harder than the whole PPL experience.
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Speaking of the XC time, does anyone know if when they say they want 25 hours XC PIC time, is that 25 of point to point XC, or 25 hours to an airport more than 50 miles from your home airport?

Re: Looks like I\'m starting May 6

The XC requirement is +50 NM. This is so they have you ready for your commercial checkride.

Best of luck in your training.
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Hello Zach and everyone else. I myself am sorting through the rest of the questions and financial status before I fly down to Sacramento to get checked out. One question that I really need answered is if you some how cannot make it through the whole program or because your struggling and are way behind and they either kick you out or recommend you leave....how do they refund your money and how much do they refund back? The total loan payments are made over 5 weeks...thats it..they have your money...I just would want to know how much you would get back I guess...since the qouted price is closed.Even if you pay them with cash or money transfer...how would you get refunded (either way). Just a question I'm sure you all would want answered too...other than that I have decided to commit myself to ATP for the rest of my training
and will be hacking away at the rest of my written tests before I leave. I hear that you can go into the program with a friend and partner for your CRM cross-country...soooo thats something to keep in mind...for all of us that might possibly be going to ATP. Anyone going to be buying videos or dvd's from sporty's or kings for studying...possibly instrument thru mei studies....also something for flying twins or in particular the seminole. anyone here still hacking away at there Bachelors degree...like me?

anywhoo later -IFRFLIGHT-
Re: Looks like I\'m starting May 6

First things first: You want to do this, right? Then DON'T FAIL.

You'll be reimbursed jack •. They'll charge you 200.00 per hour for your flight time, some other fees (I think), and you'll also be out the deposit. It is loud and clear on the pre-requisites page of their website.

You get all of the writtens done first- you HAVE to have the CFII, Instrument, and FOIs done before you start flying [-- Errol told me the Instrument is the only one, but the CFIs at my interview told me the double-II and FOIs were needed too--], but it is a good idea to knock out the COMM/CFI too. Good thing about them: If you don't use their in-house testing center, you'll be reimbursed.

Don't buy the videos. Go to www.justplanevideos.com and rent them. They'll set you back 50 bucks a set, but they're worth it if you enjoy learning that way. Don't make the mistake of renting both the Instrument and the CFII tapes- they're identical, as are the written exams. Same bank, same everything. The only drawback is that you have to mail them back within 7 days. I'm not condoning piracy in any way, so I'm not going to suggest copying them. Give yourself enough time with them; don't rent them all at once.

Best of luck.

I just signed the loan papers and FedExed them back to FL... and I just quit my job.

<loud noise>
Re: Looks like I\'m starting May 6

Whoa Zack!

You've got bigger balls than I do. Got a lone and quite your job huh.

I was very close to doing what you did, but I decided to save up the money. I'll be at one of the ATP locations by Sept 03.

More Power to ya man.