Looks Fun, But Is This Picture Real?


Ahh! This is how I change this!
I don't know what to think. If it is real then the guy has skill. (and class


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No, the left wheek (when in the plane) is cut off and not actually in the water. It also looks like the pilot has his left arm on his chest. The right wheel is also not deep enough into the water for how big the wake is.

Overall, I don't think so.


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Actually, it's real. I've seen videos of it. People up in AK use lakes and ponds to decelerate and roll up onto the beach. It's pretty whacked. As for the arm across the chest thing, think about how much backpressure on the stick would be necessary to keep from tumbling forward.


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Then why isn't the elevator fully deflected? If you say you've seen this before then I don't doubt it, it just looks photoshoped and the elevator is not deflected.


It is real - he is giving the thumbs up.

At or above 60 knots the water will become like concrete and you can do that - ask DE727UPS he probably knows more about it then me.


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Its probably real. The cropdusters up in this area do that stunt fairly often. Looks like he is on some type of irrigation canal. From what I've been told, they carry pretty decent speed and just skim along the surface like a skipping rock. Pretty cool.


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I can't even see the elevator; deflected up, it'd be blocked from view by the wing.


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If it's real, the guy's an idiot.

But I'd think the coefficient of friction on water would be a lot higher than an asphalt runway so it'd require a lot of power and elevator control to keep the aircraft from nosing over.

But maybe that's the reisling talking. Who knows!


Looks almost neutral... I've seen something like this before... I think it was on the cover of Plane and Pilot or something (different idiot and plane though)


The reflection of the plane in the water in the foreground is pretty convincing to me that its real.


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Speaking as a guy who makes his living (for now) as a photographer and has a degree in it to boot, I'd say it's either real or the first perfect composite I've ever seen. I blew it up in Photoshop and there is no evidence of an edit. From the direction of the lighting, to the shadows on the spray, to the highlights of sun reflecting on the wet wheels, it's very continuous and true to life. And I don't think the wheel was cut off - it's just blocked by spray.

Crazy, but in my professional photographic opinion, real. If someone here Photoshopped it call me to the mat. I want to learn how to do that! (In Photoshop. I sure as heck don't plan on taking a Seminole down and irrigation canal!)


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I believe it's a real pic...but not based on anything I've ever done....

I used to work for this outfit called Lake Mead Air out of Boulder City, NV. It was a great first job, however, the experience of working there was the low point in my professional career. There was a pic in the main office, just like this, of a Super Cub doing the same thing flown by the owner...Earl L. Earl L was quite a character, having flown Corsairs during WWII. I guess you can run the mains down in the water and skim along. Anyone who has taken the Commercial written care to define which type of hydroplanning this would be? (Yes, there are different types of hydroplanning and every commercial pilot should know them)

I would call it StupidusRus hydroplanning.....


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It looks like Jerry Jaeb and it also looks like one of the irrigation canals just north of Lake Apopka, right next to Jerry's home airport - Orlando Country.

It sounds like a stunt he would pull too.

It also could be somewhere near Lake Okechobee. There are some stunt pilots that fly out of Belle Glade and similar areas.

It also looks real to me


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it also looks like one of the irrigation canals just north of Lake Apopka, right next to Jerry's home airport - Orlando Country.

[/ QUOTE ]
Pretty much looks like any canal anywhere in the country.


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It's real for sure... I work with Photoshop all the time and there is not a single flaw in this image. It would be impossible to replace the land that shows through(behind) the prop area nevermind having to cut out the prop in the first place since it doesnt have solid outlines. If you zoom all the way in, the pixel transition is smooth and accurate around the edges of the plane...
I vote Real...