Want to Buy Looking for Vertex Standard VXA-700


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Hey Guys,

Looking for a Used Vertex Standard VXA-700 (not the 710) this radio was discontinued a few years back. Mine got stolen last night, along with my Zulu..:banghead: So if you have an old 700 lying around and are not using it, Ill be more then happy to pay fair price for it! PM me.

The battery still works very well. I have everything including the original box, registration card, manual, belt clip, charger & headset adapter. I'd like to get $225 shipped anywhere in CONUS. I just ask that the buyer be a licensed HAM.
Thanks for posting. I just traded a friend my used Garmin 196 for his VXA-700. So Im covered now. Good luck selling it, people seem to be selling them for a premium on Ebay.