Looking for a partnership in the DFW area


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Alright so as of this weekend my plane that I had a partnership on, sold, and my partner was going to be looking into buying a 4 place IFR, but he has now decided he's in no hurry to buy an airplane. So I am now looking to get into some sort of partnership if I can. If anybody on here knows of anything, or if anybody is looking for a partner, let me know! :nana2:

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I you sure you want to buy, as opposed to joining a club. I'm sure you know there are two flying clubs in TKI, and there's RFC at ADS. I am biased towards RFC as I'm a member. It seemed to me that when I was running the numbers, I would probably be saving myself $10-20/hr by buying a Cherokee as opposed to renting the club's one (currently $82/hr), however I decided that it was worth the extra money for a few reasons. Firstly it gave me access to 5 A/C (including the best value complex single I have ever come across, C177RG for $95/hr wet) rather than just the one that I would have if I bought. Secondly, I would not have any nasty maintenance surprises as it was not my plane. Thirdly, there was no requirement for me to put any real money up front. Clearly the major downside is that it is not mine and I am limited by other people's schedules. Over the weekends the schedules can be a little busy, generally you are fine if you book a week in advance.

If you are looking for something closer to owning, then maybe this is for you: http://www.addisonflyers.com/ Apparently they are looking for a new member, $5000 plus $500 a month gives you a 1/9th share in two 182s. It seems they require 150hrs TT, and as I remember reading you are a student pilot with around 50hrs, so maybe this is not for you right away, but $110/tach hour wet for a 182 is a pretty good price, probably works out to being closer to £75-80 Hobbs.

Good luck whatever you decide.