Long XC...Looking for Recommendations


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So I am looking at making a long XC from SAT to ATL (KRYY) in the next few weeks and wanted to solicit some intel from those that are familiar with some of the airports on the way. I am looking at flying about 3 hours each leg and stopping in the "general" areas listed below. Anyone have any info on these stops (I have already dug around Airnav and AOPA for info) or recommendations for airports within about 20 or so miles from them? Right now it'll be just to get gas and stretch the legs, but if there is good food around, I will partake. Thanks for the input! :)



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Not much around the airport itself, but the city does have a couple of casinos with really good food (if you have the time).

If you are looking to make that more than a fuel and leg stretch stop, try KSTF (Starkville, ~40 north). Airport is fairly convenient for food if needed, just avoid at all cost when MSU has a home football game. Also, according to AirNav, STF has fuel for about a dollar cheaper than MPE.