Long QT on EKG


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I went to the PEPC for ATC a couple of weeks ago (in KC, OK) and the doctor informed me that I had long QT phases on the EKG. I have been reading up on LQTS and have a couple of questions:

1. I've had a few EKG's in past flight physicals (military) and have never heard anything abnormal. Is it possible that this most recent one was a fluke?

2. Will it disqualify me from air traffic control?

3. What causes LQTS when it is not hereditary? (There is no history of it on either side of my family.)

I appreciate any responses, and yes, I will be going to a cardiologist.

Thank you.

My Flight Surgeon

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Yes, see the cardiologist. The issue with prolonged QT syndrome is the risk of sudden death. You need a good cardiology evaluation.

As to the ATC requirments if you have this - I do not know if you are certifiable but if treated I suspect they will grant the medical.

Electrolyte and thyroid abnormalities as well as some medications can cause this also.