Logging A Landing At A Private Filed With No Identifier....


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I've got a question for anybody that can answer it. If you make a flight with a landing or takeoff at a private airport that DOES NOT have an identifier, how do you log it in your logbook? Is it required that you have an identifier for the landing?
As you are aware there are certain things that have to be logged however the FAR's say nothing about HOW it has to be logged - you can write the airport name in everytime instead of the airport identifier if you want. I would recommend just writing the name of the field in. I taught of a private strip like you mention and I just wrote the name in but it was "Lewis" so that wasn't too hard to fit in there.

I probably should have been a bit more specific. The airport has neither an identifier OR a name. It's a newly completed airstrip on a friend's property. It still in progress, but there are no lights, taxieways, or anything - just a 5700 foot long strip of concrete. I mean, the approach controllers were really cooperative. They're familiar with the owner of the field, and I was able to file IFR to LEX, and then cancel and head into the field VFR, as I would at any airport with no approach. I suppose I could just write that in the remarks, but that could lead to questions....
5700 feet??? Dag gone - what's he own a Challenger?

Anyway - I would just use his last name or something. No big deal.

The name of the property owner, a general description of the place or address of the property (it has to be located someplace) should work. If you wanted to be really ana ... er precise ... I guess you could get thh Lat/Lon coordinates and slap those in there too but I think that would qualify you as geek No. 1.
5700 feet??? Dag gone - what's he own a Challenger?

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Actually....yes....since you ask.....lol. Among others...