Lockheed P-2V fire bomber air tanke at Minden-Tahoe Airport


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The guy writing this was a dumb a## but the video is good.


Lockheed P-2V fire bomber air tanker number 55 made a successful emergency landing at the Minden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada. Aircrafts Left (Port) Landing gear failed to operate. No Injuries.
This is the moment a quick-thinking pilot performed an incredible emergency landing at a Nevada airport on Friday.
A Lockheed P-2V fire bomber air tanker belly-flopped to the ground amid a cloud of dust as the pilot frantically brought it down at the Minden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada.
Miraculously no one was hurt after failed landing gear forced the extreme measure.
The remarkable footage, posted on Live Leak, begins with the small craft soaring through a cloudless sky.
As it prepares for landing other planes can be seen on the tarmac for which it is aiming, as well as people, making the pilot’s ability to find a clear place to land all the more remarkable.

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Looks like he might have even been able to avoid a prop strike, which is nice. Great landing.

Agreed. I'm sure a new R-3350 is not cheap to come by, let alone 2. Interestingly enough, it appeared that his outboard/bad side jet may have been operating. I'd have to ask my old man what the reasoning for this was, if he can still remember anything from his P-2 days. I know he mentioned that when they would declare an emergency for losing a motor, ATC would often be surprised to hear (per mando non radar reports) that their TAS had increased since they would then fire up the jets.

Also, I wonder what the damage to the wing and structure was. I'd imagine they have pretty high standards for wing box stress, given the kind of flying they use these things for now. Cool video!