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Has anyone NOT gone through Key Bank for the loan? If so, who did you go through and why? That 9% origination fee is pretty rough. Thanks.

Going through my local credit union because I got denied for the loan. Securing the loan through Key is tricky.

I got mine through Key bank.. Payday is coming soon

What are your thoughts on the loan through the Credit Union. I have accounts through a Credit Union and wondered if it would be better to go through them initially, will they finance close to the full amount?

I'm also likely to go to ATP.
It was my dad's idea, since he's been dealing with our credit union for over 20 years. All I had to do was put up some collateral, they said with my collateral I could get 33,000 in loan money, which is plenty. But the intrest rates are much higher than key's 2%.

I've just started looking at loans . . . I saw that Key's is 4%--did that recently go up from 2%?

Also, what would one say is the advantage with Key Bank over Sallie Mae and why?

Appreciate the help.