Little help here?


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Can someone help me here, on the main page for at least 4 days now I cannot see the other links on the left side of the main jetcareers page. Can someone help me a little?
you can try lowering the security setting on Explorer.. I remember haveing mine on the highest and i couldn't see the options on the left side...

I also understand that you have a have a certain upgrade of " Flash 4.0 or something of that sort " i don't know much about that.
Same here but for the past month I wasnt able to see them...sadface...But I found a way around it...If you go to a page like then the links on the left are there...Im not sure why I cant see the links on the main page...But thats what you get with something that is done in flash...Maybe Doug will update the main page and he will use something else...