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After being away from the site for what seems like forever, I find myself possibly entering the aviation field in the line service arena (not exactly where I thought I would go). The housing market being what it is, I was finally laid off about 4 weeks ago! For the first time in my life, I am with out a full-time job:mad:(talk about feeling useless). This brings me to where I am today.

I sent a resume in to a local FBO about six months ago and never heard from them. Then this afternoon, out of the blue, they call and want to interview me this Friday. I am going to the interview to see what opportunities present themselves, even if it is only part time at first.

One question that I will have for them (and have for those of you in the job field), is if they offer any discounts on flight training. I understand it may be difficult to do in todays world, but I know that some places would not charge employees for air time (only instructor fees and fuel). That would be nice.

In any case, I welcome any insight you all may have!


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Sorry to hear you were laid off.

Funny thing, I had a similar experience where I simply left a message and got a call back three months later out of no where. He wanted me full time (I couldn't then) but they may need you full time. Usually an FBO will wait till they need someone for a full time position instead of having a part time line guy. That is just my observation though...

As far as a discounts on flight training, I would imagine so. If I get one, you probably will to. Mine works out to be about 10% which isn't too bad at all.

Let us know how it goes!

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I think our discount is $10/hr...nothing drastic but a discount none-the-less


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I worked at an FBO that was government owned so zilch on the flight training discount there.

I did get to talk to endless corporate pilots that seemed to always be willing to talk to me about their job and let me check out their Citation, Falcon, or Dash 8. Now that Im in flight school I miss not being able to play with all the different planes that would come into the airport. Now its just Cessna 172s and Seminoles (still fun planes)

The adventures of Marshalling can be rewarding as well if not amusing.


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We will see where this takes me! Will it be the next adventure or will it be the next wish that doesn't happen! Only time will tell! They say desperation does strange things. Well, more so now than ever, I find myself reflecting.

I am drifting back to the days of yester-year, recalling the days of spending all weekend at the local FBO while my father instructed. Or possibly hitching a ride in the back seat of a 172 while he took the next student out. It will NEVER be like it used to, that is for sure!

In these trying times I am stuck with either following my dreams or pleasing society. I am thinking, the H##L with society and what they think we (as individuals) should do. It may be me or the 12 pack I have consumed (excessive..............possibly), however I feel that in order to contribute to society, we first must contribute to ourselves!

We all reach that point in our life where (as the song says) we must say, my next thirty years! Well, my next thirty will be spent making sure I never again have to say, if I only..............

Right choice, wrong choice, only time will tell.............however...............the cyclical nature of this industry far out weighs the cut throat world of sales.

This post is all over the place and I am sorry ( I guess that is what happens after a few Labat Blue's, some MGD's and few German smoked beers), however, I will be sure to update all after the interview!

Stay safe!


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I've been at my ramp rat job now for exactly one year, and while I'll always gripe about the money, and how I need a second job in order to do my flying lessons, I've grown to love this job.

Our FBO is government owned as well, and doesn't give flight instruction right out of the FBO, so I'm stuck there. But I found a flying club on the airport that has the best rates around, so I'm saving a lot of green by doing it that way instead of going directly with a flight school.

I also echo the comment that I get to talk to a lot of corporate pilots and get a lot of encouragement whenever I mention that I'm going after their job, even at my age. But it's neat to see the things that come in here, be around them, fuel them, and just generally am content with things. Last week, we had a B-17, B-24, and a P-51C here. As I'm typing this, I'm looking at the Good Year Blimp being moored down for the night. This is just a great job to have in the job market right now if you love aviation.

There's only ONE reason I'd give it up, that's to make more money so I can get my ratings faster, or being offered a flying job. Which reminds me, we had one of our line guys just up and quit, so there's a position open at KDPA/DuPage Flight Center.



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PGA, I worked the ramp for 8 years before saying "####" society and chasing my dream of flying. I have been instructing for about 10 months and loving it. Good Luck on the interview and follow your dreams!!!!!


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What airport would that be at?

I know we just hired a new guy out at Poplar Grove not to long ago, and I see you are from West Chicago, and your name is "PGA" (Poplar Grove Airmotive?)



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Just another job that was aquired due to the networking that JC affords us! I am officially an employee at DKPA working the line with benefits that many jobs do NOT offer!

It just goes to show it is the people you meet, not always what you know (which in this case was nothing)! CAP_Flyer, thanks again!

May this be the begining of my flying career!


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It's not as good as it seems but it's not as bad as it seems either. Speaking for myself here, but doing the line thing was fun for a while. But there are just so many lavs and fuelings that you can do before it gets old and you realize that the real fun is being inside the airplane.

I learned a lot though and got to meet a lot of people though. Best of luck to you and report back with any questions.